A Voice of Reason

We have come used to a world of drama, negativity, blame, ego and sadness. When we are sucked and pulled in, it’s easy to get further and further into enjoying drama, or feel completely in tune with what you see, hear and feel. In my writing you will find teachings based on true events and how I hope it will bring you a new vision and mission on what life and events can look like, no matter the outcome.

Owning an airstream or RV, brings you increased awareness and responsibility to maintain the new house on wheels. It sounds exciting, big, fun, new and nothing can go wrong with a brand new one, well, that’s a myth! Actually the truth is that most RV’s, airstreams are better when aging and having been used already. Same counts for planes and even with us, people, we become more authentic and real as we grow older due to our experiences, I have had quite a few challenges with brand new Neya, my new 25fb Airstream, who I place myself to bed in, make a meal on the stove, work as usual and find rest when needed. First and foremost, the fact is that I have absolutely have fallen in love with my tiny house on wheels. Yes, she’s challenging in various ways but the new and improved lifestyle is worth every aggrevation. As a kid I didn’t know fear and my mom was a great teacher as she never encouraged fear, rather intent to try and see for yourself! From doing many crazy things, I am happy to report, that I am still alive and continue back on the “non fear road”. Why sharing this with you? Well, because we all have moments of breaking down, wanting to give up, thinking we can’t do it and find the mountain in front of us, impossible to climb.

With some major and tiny factory defects, all in all, they all count and add up to the possibility of frustration and never knowing what kind of a day it’s going to be. While writing, my ears are on alert, while listening to subtle peeping sound and there I go, on discovery in 25 foot long airstream, it’s not really a few hour long scavenger hunt inside but rather more in the 30 second ‘yay, found it” search round. Which is a huge bonus, right? A burning smell from the fan which had turned on, by my mistake, I must have not turned it off while trying to make it work. Glad no fire broke out as the smell of plastic burning, can be rather nervwrecking. For those of you who have not met me, my personality welcomes challenges and is excited when resolutions have been found and put in place, I thrive on the resolutions, of course when they come with intervals. While still learning how to use my voice and sharing my needs with clear communication, I had to speak my truth with airstream, as I am continuing to find challenges and in my defense, I do not feel they should be happening, when paying for quality and the name. After voicing my concerns and also demands, I continue to feel more empowered and confident each time I do. Yes it’s scary when I make the decision to speak up, but I need to.

While taking on minor challenges on the airstream myself, I can’t fix them all myself and a few calls of concern needed to be placed with the right people of Airstream. It’s not my ego! It’s my soul who recognizes that the woman who purchased an airstream, is hauling, maintaining and living it full time, I am allowed to share my concerns, have demands on quality control and should be helped upon request. Throughout the process, I have felt that being a woman has placed me in disadvantages throughout the maintenance process, but I am not giving in, or giving up! I do my research, know what I am talking about and open to learning where I have gone wrong, or where the required attention of detail needs to go.

We have choices in what priority level we place things in front of us. From dreams to experiences, to out of control, to being in control. In the past, With all these birth challenges of Neya, from the moment I had her, I would have been frustrated, crying and probably wanting give up. But, after having attended many Warrior Goddess trainings and workshops, it has given me the advantage of at least being able to try to say what I want and need, even if it doesn’t come out right, the first time. I will do better each time I use my voice. The practice makes golden and having compassion for yourself while learning how to use your voice, is incredibly important.

I have been so eager to share that most of the impatience and frustration has set sail to somewhere other than in my mind! From dissecting a drawer that falls apart, to a replacing and buying a fuse that’s already blown out (after 3 weeks of full use) to intending to repair the shower fan and realizing that even my screw driver, couldn’t get to where it needed to, I still did it and didn’t think about it twice. In the past I always had someone take care of everything for me, without asking or with a question of “Can you”…and so my life was rather easy, until I didn’t have the support and things would fall apart, nobody was around, or answering my call, yes I was assigned to myself as the main rescue remedy! It has become and is becoming second nature to pulling out my girl tool box, with pride and confidence, research the challenge on google, work together with patience and sit through it, from beginning to end. Learning how to work together with myself and not be in my own way, is a teaching while on this learning. Being able to switch from mind to heart, is not always an easy task, but it’s worthwhile for anyone to check in with yourself, it will help you through any situation more clearly.

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