Two Warrior Goddesses in the making

A Dutch girl(42) and Djaz (maltipoo of 4.5 yr) is who we are. Djaz is my best friend and we share experiences, joy, laughter, tears, sadness, excitement, fear and courage.! All this, while being a Corporate Sales Executive for 11 proud years at a global aviation company. The Gypsy in me never left, it just gently resurfaced after an apprenticeship that has given the true meaning of life back. Now it’s time to show each one of you where you like to go and how to get there with new tools and insights. Djaz and I are ready to go full-time in our airstream and see the USA! Yes glamping, warrior goddess camping, tiny house on wheels. Who ever said a girl can’t haul or maintain a 25 ft travel trailer while working a full time job and giving up all the luxury that we worked so hard for? Why not trade it for simplicity and a lifestyle in nature surrounding us with magical landscapes and new experiences that soothes the soul!!

It will be a fun filled blog with adventurous stories, spiritual twists, personal growth and fun facts. Who wants drama nowadays, we have plenty on TV, why not change the way we think and allow others to join that movement. All I need is love, respect, boundaries and good health is truly our focus and we look forward to sharing ways to improve where you feel it’s needed. May this blog become your best friend and step into the world of mystery, bliss and happiness!