Adventure is calling

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”, Come join us on our adventure with Neya (Airstream) where Warrior Goddess camping and living around the USA will become a teaching for all of us. 

WHY, are you doing this? 
Why not is what I kept saying to myself! But, but but, I kept hearing but this time, i rather had the words readily available, such as “and”, of course, absolutely, courage and go! As many people of all walks of life asked me, why would you want to Iive on the road and remove yourself from luxury, such as your baths you love, the ocean view you finally have, space and comfort on your leather sofa? Well, as my friends and family know, adventure has always been written all over me and sometimes to the extreme, so why not jump off a cliff, or buy an airstream? Yes, did both and sometimes you get hurt, and sometimes you get abundance, duality in life and taking a risk, is such a chicken soup for the soul!

The choice was made to go return to basics and minimalism, move the needle of freedom, impeccability, joy,nature and the ‘I can, I will”attitude. .That sounds like a refined luxury to me! A change of heart, a change of my soul’s journey and a change of scenery, now the question and excitement started going hand in hand yet how would it be possible to accomplish having a work and life balance? Having worked real hard since my early 20s to have a successful career path, luck was on my side when I started working for a Forbes 100 company. Loving aviation, travel and people, it brought me knowledge, a global network while prosperity was taken to a new level 11 years later, now jeopardizing everything for what? Complete sense of freedom and authenticity!

HOW, will you be achieving what everyone wants in life, be free and work full time? Great question and surely will get to the depth of that throughout the blog, but here a small reminder. 

Realization kicked in and the answer was: yes, let’s do it and no, you don’t need to jeopardize anything, you can do it all, just trust the process…. all it took was surrender to knowing there is a greater and bigger picture in play and with faith (no matter what or who you believe in!) that you are always provided and protected for, this dream became a reality. Simply listening to myself and understanding spirit who is guiding me in every step along the way, via this blog I hope to reach you, your inner calling from deep within, to start making the changes you desire, whether that’s stepping out of a relationship, change careers, move to a new house/apartment or other housing situation, decide on a friendship, anything that is no longer feeding your soul. Let’s get started with the blog and my personal apprenticeship experiences. We play many characters in our human body and we can address them by calling them ‘masks’ which we will discuss another time, but you can start thinking about it already. It’s learning how to undo and unlearn what we have been taught since we came in to this world! There is no right and wrong, and please be gentle on yourself while getting on the spiritual journey wagon, it’s fun, exhilarating, hard and freeing all at the same time and i would have not wanted to have had it any other way. 

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