Exactly 1 month..

By my sweet friend, Kelly Snavely, I was reminded at 4:21pm, that it’s november 21, 2019 and a month from now, I’ll be leaving for a new lifestyle, with Djaz and Neya. Oh wow, did I feel the intensity of it becoming real over the last few days. Seeing friends, like the real ones we all love to have, and I am fortunate to have, to working and realizing some needed projects before leaving. Yes, as silly as placing socks in a bin, that fits in Neya, to cleaning the airconditioning systems, to giving back keys of different friend’s units and making sure the recall on my airstream doesn’t apply on mine…management has been great and simply reached out directly to Mike, Airstream manager, Ft. Myers, who returned my call quickly with professionalism and explanation on how/what this recall means.Each time when a task is completed, it feels a step closer to the unknown, excitement sets in at the same time fear likes to peek around the corner as well. Which one do I choose, or can I walk this day with both in my hands and navigate through the feelings, emotions of insecurity, grief and excitement/joy for what’s to come?? 30 days from now, Djaz and I will live in new places every week while working, setting up camp and making a decent dinner(no promises!), with snuggle time in the beautiful new home. The question now is; Who do I want to be and become, going forward with all the shedding I have gone through? For sure a better listener, adventure seeker, laugh/love more intensely and don’t take life as seriously as previously, live in the moment instead of the future, and be fully in tune with my own quest, rather that of others and their vision of where “I” should go/be! No more bully’s, setting clear boundaries, using my voice with clear intent, listen carefully and beautifully, and one I am especially going to focus on is to ‘not’ voice my opinion or thoughts on how I can help others, without asking the person in front of me first. To sum it up; be me…is really what it boils down to, and meet amazing new and interesting, loving, genuine, real people who love to love! How about you, have you thought about where you are in life today, where you may want to go? Or is that too hard, too much thought to put into? Yes, remember the days I couldn’t get to it, and would be in survival mode, or simply de-energized to think about it. It’s okay, to be where we are, as the process starts when we start thinking about it. Congratulations, you are reading the blog and it’s happening!

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