Acceptance and trust you can!

While having had a challenging week, being on the other side of grief/sadness and anxiety, allows me to have clarity and feel acceptance of my life changing drastically. It’s so much easier to write to you about something so fresh in my mind with the hope it can shed some light on how to deal with challenges and find your center back.
Sometimes being human, requires rewiring, hard work, compassion for self, endurance, faith, love and surrender. Encouragement is to know, it’s ok to feel down, sad, wimpy, wobbly and all there is to feel but we need to give it a time limit, like 10 min, 1 hour, or the whole day etc, however you feel it will work for you, but keep yourself in check with the time and hold yourself responsible.

Simply witness, reach out to a friend who can give you that hug, or asks “would you like a hug”…wow, that feels like winning a million bucks. And, funny enough, it’s free, didn’t have to go to the store to get one and it was the best sincere hug at the right time! In addition, an email from different customers, around the theme of Thanksgiving, made me melt and realize how much love there is, around us. We may not always find it to be tangible, but it’s like the stars….they are always there, we may simply not see them clearly. Stars are in the sky, day and night, yet we can’t see them with the naked eye during the day, right? Just a reminder it’s the same with love, we may not always see/feel it, but we know it’s there! When feeling blue, find your center, recall the love in your life surrounding you and find a quiet moment to remember the intent in your journey. Why do we what we do? In my case, moving my life on the road with less comfort and luxury than what I am used to? I’d like to go back to finding my center, gypsy abundant fun outgoing girl who is fearless, fierce and knows what she wants, wants to do, while being humble, authentic and spreading her light in the world, nothing will keep her captive any longer by old agreements, media, environment or people. The walls are coming down and with help of my closest friends/family and new additions, I know and are reassured, “THIS GIRL CAN”

The other way to accepting your feelings, no matter if it’s happy or sad content, is to be willing to share or vent with someone you trust and respect. In addition, if comfort is present and you are 100% open for it, may be ask your ‘to go to friend or mentor, to provide you with their insight or even constructive criticism. Just check in with yourself if you are in the right frame of mind to listen. Try your best, to be clear you are open for constructive criticism, and manage your own expectations around what may be shared. It otherwise may be hard to swallow and feel you have collected an additional pebble to your collection, of already heavy burdens.

A few different methods of releasing energy and re-centering, taught by incredible teachers, shamans and energy healers, are i.e dancing, scream into a pillow,  use your voice/sing, listen to music, take on some creativity which can take many different forms, from cooking to dancing, painting to coloring in a mandala etc. What was helpful for me personally is to know, you don’t have to be perfect in doing any of it. It’s all about changing your energy get the energy flowing, moving, and last but not least, release that you no longer need!
Walking in your own line of fire, will allow you growth, increased happiness,  shorter durations of feeling blah and finding more joy in doing things that feed your soul!

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