Full of love, gratefulness, forgiveness, thoughts, peace and courage!

After many walks in Myakka State park, and on the sacred crystal sands of Siesta Key Beach, I find tears falling at realization that I’m living out my dream.

This morning’s conversations allowed me to be even more vulnerable and realize it was time to seek forgiveness with two special friends….I simply didn’t recognize their unconditional love and acts of kindness until now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all warm and fuzzy in my blindness to truth, and the time has come to apologize. It is exactly what I need to do at this moment in time

Hindsight and insight are beautiful things.

During one conversation, we recognized we both abandoned each other before the other had opportunity to!

We acknowledged how similar our lives actually were; thankful to be able to take steps necessary to reconnect.

The other friend, who was always ready to be there for me, happened to be unavailable only once – and it was enough to tell her goodbye.

Now, looking back, I see where I was wrong and owe her an apology. She didn’t do anything wrong!
It were my unrealistic expectations of what that friendship should look like that distorted my vision and love!

Also, I wanted to be entirely vulnerable when they share their thoughts, emotions and feelings – doing so may provide a beautiful start of a renewed friendship. This is what I am hoping for, with no expectations of outcome.

We had our conversation and it was beautiful, the fear of my apology being rejected, was real yet I was open for her feedback and hearing her story! What I received was the continued unconditional love and we have been in touch since! Thankful for you!!!

Forgiveness isn’t easy for many of us. Our ego and mind are in our way, and often we stop right there, afraid to push ourselves to see and hear the truth in front of us.

Why be open to hear a truth you might not be ready for? Why give someone the opportunity to hurt our feelings – again? Why allow the other party an opportunity to wrongfully damage our ego?

Truth is, it’s called fear, and fear wasn’t born from the heart, but birthed from your mind.

While I could have easily avoided ownership and reached out to these beautiful souls, I realized it’s my responsibility to set them free of anything they may have thought they did/say wrong, or could have changed.

Truth is, they were perfect the way they loved me and they were simply mirrors to show me the old agreements I needed to pay attention to.

Making amends is what we should do, if we want to live impeccably!

“Nobody said it was easy”, by Coldplay is the perfect song to play while writing my blog!

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