From fear to celebration

Today Djaz and I left New Orleans after a special and beautiful time with my friend Marieke! From a campground that felt rather unsafe, to her mom having a heart attack, while all night the propane gas alarm went off (while no gas was on), you can probably imagine that it sparked some unexpected emotions in us. Emotions from safety concerns to sudden scare of loss of a loved on to being in constant jeopardy while driving on the road and any guilt of “what if I”…

While clearing my chakras from any blockages this morning, spirit keeps me aligned and assure me to own trust and faith in them, and myself. ( former blog). When Marieke stayed over with her two daughters, we had great fun, until the alarm set in and a message of her mom appeared to not feeling good. We dimmed the alarm but it wouldn’t turn off, finally after 6 times and it now being 4am in the morning, we found where the fuse was hidden and simply unplugged it. We slept for 2 hours and got up early after yet another message from Mariek’s mom….it’s time to go home and take her to the hospital, we are not sure what was happening, but the Dutch are rather “oh don’t worry, everything will be fine with me” and sometimes we do not see the severity of the situation. Marieke left to see her mom and before we knew, she was diagnosed and hospitalized with a heart attack. “What if”, Oh my, she could have passed away, and all questions started arising. Great news is, a few days later, Katelijn is doing good and back at Marieke’s home.

Why write the details down, well it may sound silly, too seriously for some of you but it puts reality right in front of our own nose. It’s incredible how our mind can find little gaps and openings to creating fear, and tears at a unexpected moments, based on truth and what has not yet happened. Talking about fear, in the same time frame as Marieke’s mom was hospitalized, I came head to head with my fear, i was unable to hide it any longer when speaking with my healing teacher. A tsunami of tears started falling uncontrollably. What is happening? While talking about the mind taking control over the pleasures and fun moments I had been experiencing, trying to convince me that nothing lasts for ever! (my mind talking) What if you get in an about the creepy neighbor and your safety, can I do all of the travels alone, what if Neya breaks down, how can I help my friend in this situation and how can I best support here? The beauty of long deep friendships allowed us to have honest conversations and do acts of kindness where possible..

It was time to leave my sweet friend behind with her mom and the state park that gave me the creeps. A moment of truth came through when I realized that I yet another time, had placed myself in a situation where I do not belong (The camp ground and not feeling safe that is). Lesson to be learned is to follow your intuition, don’t worry about the money spent, or vicinity to your friend/family, or even ‘wake up your son in law to go to the hospital…, its worth following our intuition and follow through on it. Lives can’t be brought back yet money, time and effort is always available in different ways!

While the message was profound, I conquered another fear to be parked alone at a historic place to save some money. We call dry camping, also boondocking, which means you do not have water or electricity, other than what your RV/Trailer has available. While parked at this beautiful Vermillion Historic Museum, life stood still for a moment, as you go back in time when roaming around the grounds. it’s very well visited and a nice place to visit. For me in this case it was a gentle reminder how suddenly we can go from extreme opposites to the next. Beautiful, hard, simple, tough, sad, happy, yet is any of it true for you, on how you view situations or life? While candles are burning, wine poured, Djaz tired of chasing the ball, happy fingers to be writing, lots of love in the air, it’s time for me to get some sleep to be able to stay in balance! This visit, Louisiana in its whole, surely is an awakening to be present and enjoy being in the moment! No matter who we are with, or where we are.

A fun song to feel alive and grateful for everyone in your life, every step you place in front of another and everything you willingly and selflessly do for others. Let’s celebrate life and where you are in life! “Celebration”, Kool & The Gang”

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