Change of heart

Working on my career full time for 11 years allowed me to have found great professional growth, travel around the USA, meeting interesting people and take my sales pitches to the next level. While I love what I do and the company I work for, there was a need for self discovery since my my mom passed, my dad battled stage 4 cancer and my marriage ended after 6 years, and this all in one year. Right, how did she do it? I am not sure at that time, but looking back it was all about restoring faith in myself and the universe, friends that kept me warm, safe and smiling and last but not least….I was ready to take control of my own life again which resulted into going back on facebook, join some inspirational groups and pages and then I met HeatherAsh Amara in Sedona.

May 2018, Sedona, AZ was the start! Here I met my now shamanic teacher, HeatherAsh Amara and many other powerful shamans at “Gathering of the Shaman’s, where I attended the Warrior Goddess Training workshop. I believe i cried for about 24 hours straight and realized that unworthiness and feeling ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ were present every day of my life. Where did I belong, if anywhere, were the questions and realizing while with 50 women, that we all had the same isolating thoughts. During the Gathering of the Shamans, i have met some of my dearest friends in life and regained back faith in my spiritual gifts and belief of something so powerful that connects us all.

Since 2017, I have followed and attended as many workshops and Warrior Goddess trips, to continue to deepen my relationship with self and others eventually. From walking on fire, to many other very daring and fearful tasks, finding strength and courage arose and liberation was soon to be the new ‘norm’. While in apprenticeship with HeatherAsh, spirit messages continued to come and go and started following my intuition and look into travel trailers of any kind, but my heart found this beautiful 25FB Airstream International. USA, here we come, full timing on the road soon but there was so much to do, buy, learn and let go off before it became reality! .Fast forward 6 months, my Audi s5 traded for a Toyota Tundra truck, ocean condo rented for 4 winter months and purchased an airstream of 25 ft….it’s happening and oh my goodness, what am i doing and why? yet I was reassured this was what is needed for my soul and desired freedom.

Why would you want to leave your life behind? Well, because once one dream was realized, we need to continue to dream and work towards realizing the next one, After reading so many blogs on working and traveling on the road, I installed a very expensive WIFI tower on the roof and have MIFY devices to work as usual from Monday through Friday, EST time! So why not, since they will be doing concrete construction on our building for a year, it’s the perfect timing to leave shortly before they get started! I can do this, so do you!

5 thoughts on “Change of heart”

  1. I’m loving watching your wings unfurling- you’ll take flight and soar, my friend … head out on the highway 🛣 and embrace what draws you❣️

  2. “Why would you want to leave your life behind? Well, because once one dream was realized, we need to continue to dream and work towards realizing the next one” – I love this Asje! Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring and encouraging those that are finding themselves at similar cross roads to connect to their hearts and pursue their dreams unapologetically. It takes courage, acceptance and inner peace to heal, and faith to walk our own path. Love you! Spread your eagle wings and fly beautiful one. My eyes are turned towards your light and my heart soars with you.

  3. Earth Angel Friend, All is as it should be. Meeting you at the very last minutes of the very last session of the very last day at Sedona was the most amazing adventure of my life. Your deep spiritual gifts to help me connect with my cousin as she was leaving this earthly plain to be with Source has given me endless peace. You are my hero, my dearest friend and I wish for you a journey of miracles revealed. I trust your instincts. I believe that this is another adventure. Much love and blessings

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