Interior Design

When one chooses to leave a life behind he/she knows, it’s not always by design on how and what it entails. Short but leaving my ocean front condo( dream come true), and while closing the door, I heard “ how are you feeling and do you realize what’s happening?”Oh my yes, I am leaving behind my dream come true, on to a better one and secondly, bye bye old identity, I am on my way to reinvent the new me! Part of which is my inner child’s and part of it the 42 year old woman’s love for herself and who she wants to become! Like the girl from mama Mia…that’s me, entirely!! Smile, the inside of your house represents you, what do you want, clean, shuffle, get rid of, change furniture around?Would it be possible this has to do with what you want in life, what you need or what’s missing? Going from 4 bedroom house to airstream with one space and tiny bathroom, I have now come to the conclusion that I had too much of everything….no more clutter( too many thoughts), no OCD cleaning routines( keep control in place where I don’t have control!), buy new things( fill me up where I am empty) and you can go on and on but it’s a rather beautiful discovery to see how everything is connected. Love the awareness of it and hopeful you get a chance to design the interior of your dreams, It’s fun, hard and unique opportunities to practice mindfulness and well worth your efforts, interior designer!

A day full of life, transition, emotions and unexpected events! A tire almost empty, then an A/C that wasn’t working, unable to unhitch my truck due to being unleveled for 2/10 of inch….blowing out the electric panel due to air fryer and -A/C not getting along at the same time…..but the funny thing is, feeling so full of ambience, love and pure joy from everyone who called! Wow, I feel like this new identity of unconditional love might actually work out for me…and everyone else!! As they say” it’s a beautiful thing” when you understand what it means!

As we are settling in, I hear the wind, silence, the vulgars are asleep and Djaz and I are unwinding as well. It’s been a year and as we are on day 20, it’s winter solstice tomorrow and finishing up the apprenticeship shortly before I was leaving, simply shows you how spirit, god, the divine works it’s magic to play as an orchestra…all in tune!! Leaving the old agreements behind and “in” with the new….great start of 2020 and hope you had a chance to review uur 2019 year, both good and bad, old/new, Boring and Exciting….hold on to your chair because 2020 has something exciting in store for you!!

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