Coronavirus, Sacred Geometry

While in the midst of the Coronavirus Apocalypse , Djaz and I are also in the middle of nowhere of Nevada, it’s interesting on how parallel spirit works and how clearly to connect the dots after a few months of travel. Truth to be told, it’s getting harder to fool myself! Today many are losing loved ones, Djaz and I may also be facing that very same truth! Reality checks are knocking on all of our doors, some loud or with persistence. Each day learning how to walk hand in hand with ‘trust and faith’, this is all happening for a collective reason and no one is alone in this situation. Maybe physically yes, like I am right now, but virtually we are in this together, the spider is finally showing us the web, of humanity! Every single one of us is connected and today it’s shown by germs, by a virus called Coronavirus, which is transmitted globally by a human to another human. Of course there is no tangibility you can hold on to, so many may think it’s the game of ‘hide and seek’, if I can’t see you, you can’t see me? If I don’t see the germs, or pretend the sneeze of the person at the “milk isle’, is not happening, I can’t get it. Unfortunately it’s severity is showing via numbers and it’s the greatest time of evolution for the way we run our lives!!! What are you grateful for, what are you sorry for, who should you apologize to and what is to be let go, that no longer serves you? Personally, I am surrounded by the most incredible friends virtually but learning it’s okay to have emotions running, tears flowing and fear creeping in, it happens to even the most advanced spiritual warriors ( to make sure we are on the same page, I am not advanced, but I am advanced in my own personal journey, yet I can’t compare myself to others!) . We are all on the same path and finding strength in each others best practices right now, isn’t that what all of us are searching for and in need of?

The truth is that we are all on a rollacoaster with emotions of feeling beat up yet other times a feeling of being a conquistador. While a millisecond moment later your world is shattering and life changing moments are testing us with unprecedented sadness and emotions. Yes, it’s all true and an important time to allow all energy to move through us. It’s a splendid time to look at what you are fighting and what comes easy? Both of them hold a tremendous amount of strength and courage and it’ s a marriage between the two opposites. Opposites often attract and can’t do without. Without bad you don’t recognize good, with happiness, sadness can’t be experienced, right? Allow the truth to be revealed in what’s real and not. You can ask it the question: Is this my mind or my heart speaking? Heatherash Amara has an amazing book called the Warrior Heart Practice which I highly recommend reading and using in your life. It shows us the truth when we feel in a cyclone of our stories. Yes, reminders set for myself as well especially during these times to check back in with myself. We have to stay on our course, even if we temporarily have to take a parallel road a little less traveled.

Fun connection I made while in the midst of my own personal releases and transformation. While here in the middle of Nevada, at an RV park (not a fan, but Denise was so amazing, I knew I was safe during these times), the fun started while driving out here for 7.5 hours. Through the mountains with 6% incline which means 6% decline as well (my brakes worked, thankfully, but each time it’s a journey of trust), I drove by a dead red tail hawk. I said a quick prayer and thanked it, for it’s life and wish it had had a burial it deserved. Soon there after, I recall it as a tunnel or cloud of feathers, that surrounded Djaz and I, with the airstream and truck. A moment of heaven and my mom to share I am protected? Maybe I look too much into what I experience, yet moments kept coming while settled in, in Winniemucca. From poor intermittent electricity (thank god for power surge protector), alarms going off (remember what happened in the beginning with the airstream?), heat went off, and it’s about 25 degrees where we are, battery going low. On a personal note, the synchronicity fascinates me because I was worried about leaving my sweet friend and family behind, yet clarity was shown in my own energy dropping, B12/Enemic, brain fog, dizziness and a few other small health moments. Having had it before, I know say “hey, do we need to give you more signs, or are you going to leave the day for what it is, and take care of yourself, because if not, it can turn out to be a much bigger deal. …..

Do you believe what we witness around us, reflects directly on us in some way? Some of you may think you always see the correlation but how can I? or for some of you, I don’t believe, and that’s highly valued as well because we are all on our quest and love the diversity on how we see things. True believer we own our own journey and see what we need to, in order for us to clear our way for new and beautiful things to come through.

The question truly is, what are you learning in the midst of the storm and what is needed to stay at peace and still radiate light, while it’s easy to give in to the emotions? Have you taken a moment to look around you and see the beauty and the beast walk hand in hand? Great exercise is to make a list of both and sending love and compassion to both sides of the story!!

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