Emotions run high and several conversations will need to take place, in the near future. At times it feels overwhelming when trying to better myself and others like to bring you down, regardless of the intent you have with them. In this case, my intent was to help them get to a better place, but the fact of the matter was…..they solely reached out to be heard, not to be guided, given advice to, or hear a possible match to how one feels. Is there such thing to understand another person fully, or is this a myth and we simply want to be able to say ‘we do’.

Over the duration of life, but especially In the past few months different styles of friendships and/or betrayal has been shown. True sister/mister-hood, to once passing in life person, to tight knit close like family friends (also new relationships established), to acquaintance material and neighborly love because of distance convenience or maybe even an apprenticeship sister to learn and lean on! Many variables, and trying to distinguish, discern what friendships are to me, and how i value them, this became a huge “checkmate’ part of my life. There are going to be times I’ll be your mirror, whether you like it or not, and vice versa, you may trigger me to an extend that’s unknown to you, until I choose to share with you. There are friendships that have shown me it’s okay to get angry, fight and just be, trust and know the relationship doesn’t go anywhere. The ones, that may have months in between before the next conversation takes place and you pick it up where you left it, And..then there are the teachers who will bully to fool themselves, for what’s truly going on within themselves and not having to face inwards, but may portray you as a person who’s horrible, mean, deceiving and not trustworthy.

Truth is, we attract what we need to learn and let go of, and sometimes these come about from other life times, and acts of this life time…but until we start looking deep thin, we would not know. Today, I am grateful for all experiences (even the one today at work!!) to witness and stalk my thoughts, take time between stimulus and response and dissolve the negative energy (anger) to replace with the highest good energy for my vibrational body. Now, please understand, that does not mean you can’t speak up, I surely will. The difference is, that I now hold the power within me to choose when and how my words will be fully supported, received and accepted, to where clear boundaries are set forever, going forward! Not having had a voice before, these are all lessons to be taught and each time, a completion mark can be placed behind the lesson! I did it, i say, so next time it’s easier, and the next time, it’s a piece of cake…! Promise:)

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  1. Love it StardustđŸ˜‡. Some of our darkest nights and deepest wounds have been our best friends in breaking the ground to unleash our possibilies.

    Love you!

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