Surrender to the waves of life!

As time strikes by, with colder temperatures, breathtaking sunsets of purple, pink and blue skies filled with the angels paintings, I am walking around with a head full of what there is left to do besides working full time, yet having to get ready for my road trip. Today, I felt quiet and restless, excited yet anxious and free while still being caged. Yes, many dualities and how can we hold them graciously together?? Having Faith and Trust in the process, sit with both feelings and ask where did stories start to develop, what is it that makes me feel this way, but then again, what and where does the truth lay within me and where do I want to go from here? Sometimes it’s for grabs and sometimes it may take a day, days weeks or months to have that “oh yeah” moment that liberates our soul! Today i spoke to one of my beloved healing coaches/teachers, and said to her….wow, look where we are, I am and where we are going, all of this would have not been possible without surrendering and trusting the divine process. A year ago I asked a friend, help me figure out what “surrender to the …” means….I had no clue and within a year, it’s all I do to unburden myself from long-lasting trapping thoughts that didn’t get me anywhere! What was my word? Well…perfectionism, what and how did that weigh so heavily on me and why? Lineages and lineages, both before and after me, will also have to release this unrealistic expectation of ourselves and others. Unconditional love will never exist without redefining unconditional love for self! Eventually we will go in depth of this word as it’s truly something you see on tv, in magazines, billboards and what you may have taken away from your family and/or background. As I took a walk on the beach with 55 degrees this Sunday, I felt the need to be alone and ground myself to where I felt solidly one with Mother Earth. Her sand slid through my toes gently while my Achilles heel had trouble pushing itself out of the wet sand. Waves crashing while a few sun rays, miles away, appeared to show their attendance to what they were just about to witness. Here I sat in wet white granular sand, weeds, ocean greens and shells, thinking what is it I need to learn today? Life comes and goes like the waves, sometimes gently and something forceful rocking the ground from underneath. Don’t fear the next wave sweetheart, is what I was told, it’s just life! There will always be another wave so let’s just get ready to take on the next one together! We would never bring you to the next one if we thought you weren’t ready yet! Embrace each experience as they come, they are your medals to keep! Always number 1!

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