Up a notch, why not…

Here I am, leaving my beautiful Arizona, for California. Now, you have to remember, spirit didn’t tell me I had 6% incline in going into the mountains and here is how it went. A few weeks prior to, meeting Jaylene, we talked about using the “S” mode when going into the mountains and how it should work, as per youtube videos, but neither one of us had had the opportunity to use it yet. We had laughed and said “well, when you know, let me know”. Going from Tuscon Area, to Cottonwood, AZ was supposed to be a long drive but smooth, “so I thought”. Well, thankfully I was in a great mood, knowing we were heading towards Sedona area, but the fun was soon over with, when a truck in front of me, could barely get up the mountain tub and was releasing lots of water. I knew that I needed to keep driving a certain speed, to keep going up the steep mountains, unless I wanted to roll backwards. Uh No, that was not an option spirit, so guide me through this one, because I am ready to have you take control. Put it in Speed and play with it yet keep the speed going, even if that means you have to pass big trucks while having a huge incline, so I did. Now I know why cars/trucks, still have gears, you need them in the mountain or severe terrain, and let me tell ya…I can totally maneuver the 6% incline or decline after driving in those monstrous mountains. While it was beautiful, my hands were so tightly wrapped around the steering wheel, that water, nor catering to the phone or djaz, was part of my thought process. All I wanted to do, was to get through these ‘diarrhea’ kind a moments. Goodness gracious, it was nervwrecking as heck, yet I kept telling myself, I can do it, fear doesn’t, I can do it, fear doesn’t get me anywhere and over and over again. towards the end I was on the phone with my sweetest friend Tia and it was perfect, she was guiding me through some of the hardest parts and even a ‘back up with Neya moment” , she witnessed on the other side of the phone. Thank god for spirit and amazing friends!

From Sedona to California was another “step up the game” kinda ride with 5500 lbs behind you, yet this time, I knew what to expect, and it went rather well. Glad to be on the rather flat side of the country though (it’s called a Valley, but you know what I mean.) By the way, has anyone seen the agriculture of Arizona into California, it’s absolutely amazing and mind blowing. Now I know where Cabbage comes from! But before I knew, it was time to climb mountain terrain again, but now through the most spectacular Dunes that are known for it’s ‘off the road sports”. Big trucks, 16 wheelers, dune buggies (also called squads) and cars go there to get through the dunes! Many get stuck and need to be pulled out, but it’s rather spectacular to witness.

What courage do you wish to embody? Is there something you absolutely wish to do in life? How do you read your messages in life with what you see in nature and around you?

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