What is the purpose?

To provide each one of you, with loving insight, helpful steps and fun examples of how to return to your essence, profound happiness and balance of Warrior Goddess energy.

There’s so much trouble in the world yet freedom awaits us, if we only turn to it!  My blog is to share my mistakes, fears and how to own/conquer them, good times and fully maximizing on them with being in the moment, how to gain insight and find resolutions, increase joy and happiness, get through tough times with meditation or other forms of self care and creativity and last but not least, lighting and spark your inner fire to do more of what you love, set healthy boundaries with more love and compassion! 

Are you hungry to just be you, are you ready to take your life to the next level,  it’s like to start over! Having a great job, great income, beautiful ocean view condo, loving family and friends and acquaintances to living on the road in an airstream with Djaz, refining that gypsy within me with strangers, unknown territory and campgrounds through the USA, while working full time. My intent is to show each one of you there’s a way to be aligned with your soul’s journey and still be fully present in your career and friendships. Each day we are responsible for ourselves and the life we wish to live, so why not now.